Best Deals on Magic Wand from CVS Pharmacy

If you were to visit your local retailer in search of a handheld massager, you would be greeted with a barrage of brands with mixed customer reviews. It has become increasingly difficult to weed out the quality massagers from those with a pretty face. Even low cost handheld massagers can come packed with lucrative features like a heat setting or pre-programmed massaging modes. But, you have to be realistic with yourself. Although the feature list may be impressive, will you be using any more than one or two of them. Probably not. Hitachi has always been well aware of this fact, which is why the Hitachi magic wand massager continues to remain a bestselling product nearly thirty years after first debuting.

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The Hitachi magic wand has an unsuspecting look to it. It is a plain white device with blue accents around its control panel and near its tip. Its simplicity is a thing to admire, with only a single button on its exterior to control the intensity of the device. This is something you rarely find with most modern day massagers that are packed to the brim with so many extra features that you may need a whole day to become familiarized with the instructional manual to operate the darn thing. Although its aesthetics might not be something to write home about, you can rest assured that when you turn the thing on, its 6,000 rpm top speed will leave you more than satisfied. The magic wand can be successfully used with various attachments that fall right into place without any extra screws or complicated tinkering. If you want to sit back and let the wand do the work for you, you can get yourself the Hitachi magic wand loveseat. This is a comfy cushion with a removable cover that holds the wand firmly while you sit back and enjoy the personal stimulation.

If you’ve been eyeing the cheap Hitachi magic wand for some time, you may have thought about to visiting your local CVS pharmacy or Rite-aid to pick it up. The benefit to scouring it locally is that you don’t have to wait for shipping. However, you might be slapped with a higher price tag and won’t get to buy any of the special accessories like the G spotter which can maximize the enjoyment you get with the device. Instead of wasting your time at CVS, Rite-aid, Walgreens, or Savon, go to Amazon and add it to your cart for a cheap price. You can opt for fast shipping and can have the product at your home quicker than you would ever know it. The lengthy history of the Hitachi magic wand doesn’t lie. Make the small investment today and you will be amazed how you ever got about without this powerful massager.