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Where to Buy Trinity Tri-Gasm Wand Attachment on Discount

Finding a handheld massager can be a daunting task, especially when you consider the fact that most models offer the exact same features as their competitors. Furthermore, you have well-recognized names competing in the market like Panasonic and HoMedics to choose from. Despite all that has perspired in the market, the Hitachi magic wand continues to remain a bestselling product. There’s nothing particularly flashy about the look of this wand or the features it has, however its powerful motor can cause the silicone head to oscillate up to 6000rpm for powerful massaging action. There are a number of people who choose to use this massager for intimate play and the majority of them would agree that there is no better investment you can make than the Tri-Gasm wand attachment for the Hitachi magic wand.

See the Discount Price for the Trinity Tri-Gasm

From the attachments we’ve reviewed on this site, the Tri-gasm is made of a much higher quality material that its competitors. Although the manufacturer doesn’t specify whether it’s silicone or some other material, we would venture to guess that the attachment has a rubber composition. Regardless, it is flexible and mimics life-like feel very well. The Tri-gasm is designed to stimulate three separate areas simultaneously for a mind-boggling sensation. It is very similar to the Trinity vibes g-spot attachment with textured rubber in all the crucial spots. It firmly slides right atop the silicone head that the Hitachi magic wand comes with from the factory for countless hours of enjoyment. Consumers who have purchased the Tri-gasm have made glowing remarks as to its build quality, softness and ease of use with the magic wand. For maximum enjoyment, we recommend using this attachment in conjunction with the Trinity vibes speed controller. This lets you fine tune the speed of the device from a dial, and as such when combined with the Hitachi magic wand loveseat allows for truly hands-free operation.

If you want to buy the Trinity Tri-Gasm for a discounted price, the internet is your best source. Some choose to do their online shopping at Ebay or Craigslist, which may allow you to fetch a good price, but the experience might not be as hassle-free as you had hoped. We instead strongly recommend you consider Amazon for your purchase. Amazon stocks the Hitachi magic wand itself at a low price and you can pick up the Tri-gasm attachment, along with many others for cheap. This attachment will undoubtedly maximize intimate pleasure with the Hitachi magic wand, so don’t put off the purchase any longer!

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