Cheap Magic Wand Massager with Free Shipping

When it comes to buying a personal massager, many people have trouble narrowing down their decision. There are so many quality brands to choose from that may have promising features like heat output, pre-programmed massages, interchangeable heads, so on and so forth. The possibilities can be mind boggling! Unfortunately, many of us don’t have a few weeks at our disposal to sift through the millions of reviews posted online about handheld massagers. Ask any experienced shopper in this domain what you should buy, and they all won’t hesitate to recommend the Hitachi magic wand massager.

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The Hitachi magic wand is an oscillating massager that features a simple layout that undermines its potent massaging action. The unit has two speed settings that range from 5,000-6,000 rpm. The silicone head that delivers this vibrating action can work miracles on sore muscles and can be successfully used for intimate stimulation. Some find that the two speed configuration doesn’t sufficiently tame the power of the massager for low key purposes. Fortunately, the Hitachi magic wand speed controller has shown to be one of the most popular aftermarket accessories for the device. The device allows for complete control over the intensity of the unit from an easy to use knob. A person can gradually increase the intensity of the vibrations as they see fit.

The Hitachi magic wand reviews you find online all praise the device. The small footprint, sleek design, and potent power are just some of the reasons that people cite for choosing this massager over others. The magic wand has developed such a following that many buyers constantly recommend the product to their friends and family members, even going as far as buying them as gifts. Since the massager has a non-menacing appearance, most people won’t know the better if you’re using it for aching muscles or for personal stimulation every now and then. Furthermore, attachments that are deigned for use with the product for intimate purposes don’t require any special installation technique. They are simply fitted over the standard silicone head and can be removed and stored discretely when the massager is out of use.

It’s difficult not to fall in love with the Hitachi magic wand massager based solely off what’s said about the product online. If you want to purchase one of these units for yourself, you will need to decide whether you want to scour your local stores for the massager or simply buy online. The main prevalent complaint about shopping offline is that many stores have difficulty maintaining ample stock of the product. It literally flies off shelves. Furthermore, you might not be very pleased with the price that a local store chooses to sell the massager for. If you decide to buy the Hitachi magic wand from the internet, you are best off doing so at Amazon. Amazon has pictures, product specifications, and hundreds of reviews for the product. Furthermore, they also stock many of the popular accessories for the Hitachi magic wand like the G spotter and Gee Whiz attachments. Some of these products may even qualify for free shipping, so buying online really makes the most sense.