Discount Trinity Vibes Wand Massager Speed Controller

There have been a number of attempts to oust the Hitachi magic wand massager from its reign over the handheld massager market. From what we’ve seen, however, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. While most other manufacturers have been concentrated on cramming as many features into their product as possible, Hitachi has kept the magic wand simple, focused, and most importantly powerful. There is one button on the entire unit that controls the speed setting and nothing more. Although most consumers have been more than pleased with the standard two speed configuration on the Hitachi magic wand, that ranges from 5,000 to 6,000 rpm, some have reported that the lowest setting is still a bit too much to tolerate. This is where the cheap Trinity Vibes wand massager speed controller really shines.

See the Lowest Price for the Trinity Vibes Speed Controller

The Trinity vibes wand massager speed controller is an aftermarket component that is designed to work with the Hitachi magic wand as well as other massagers. Instead of plugging in your wand into a wall socket, you hook it up to the speed controller and from there plug the controller in directly. The Trinity vibes model uses an intuitive speed dial that allows you to select custom intensities that lie between low, medium, and high settings. Furthermore, you can turn the massager on right from the handheld console. This makes it prefect for use with the Hitachi magic wand massager loveseat that can make it difficult to get to the power button. Another hidden feature to the speed controller is that it acts as an extension cord, so you don’t have to situate yourself uncomfortably close to a wall outlet. If you like to get a little bit of tease time in before unleashing the full power of the Hitachi magic wand, this product is for you.

The Trinity vibes wand massager speed controller is not something you will be easily able to locate in stores. You might find a dimmer switch of some sort, but this might not be compatible with the electronic specifications of the wand. You have many reputable online retailers to choose from that offer this product, but we tend to recommend Amazon. Amazon has compiled pictures of this device to give you an idea of how it works, as well as more than enough reviews to determine whether or not it is worth your money. We couldn’t be more impressed with the versatility this accessory allows for while using the magic wand, so it certainly has out stamp of approval!