Low Price Hitachi Magic Wand Gee Whiz Attachment

One of the best selling points to the Hitachi magic wand massager is that it comes with numerous aftermarket attachments that can be used to enhance its performance. The Hitachi magic wand gee whiz accessory happens to be one of the more popular phallic-type attachments that many have successfully used for intimate stimulation.

The attachment itself is designed to fit right over the massager for instantaneous use. It is fabricated out of a soft silicone material that that is both easy to maintain and provides for realistic sensation. There’s one thing to point out about how the quality of this attachment compares to other popular ones like the G spotter. Accessories like the G spotter that directly compete with the Gee Whiz are fabricated from vinyl. While this may be a durable material that can withstand ample amounts of abuse, it is nowhere near as soft or life-like as silicone.

Many people have reported being overwhelmed by the sheer power of the Hitachi magic wand. Fortunately, the flexible nature of the silicone seems to diminish the strength of vibration for a much more pleasant and tolerable experience.

Now, the Hitachi magic wand gee whiz attachment stands out in many other areas as well. For one, it is designed for much more than penetration. The base of the attachment is shaped in such a way as to stimulate external portions of the female gentealia for an all around more intense experience.

If you have been sold on the merits of this device, you may be wondering where to buy the Hitachi magic wand gee whiz attachment. Well, you have several ways to proceed. Most people would agree that this is something you want to buy discretely. In that case, you can use one of the most recognized retailers online known as Amazon. Not only do they have pictures of the product for you to preview before buying, but you can also read up on many of the comprehensive reviews left by those who actually purchased the gee whiz attachment.

There are many other great accessories for your Hitachi magic wand that can be used in combination with the Gee Whiz for maximum personal stimulation. One of our personal favorites is the loveseat, which is a comfortable foam cushion that can be used to not only hold your massager, but also as a seating apparatus for personal stimulation. If you own another model of a wand-like massager, you might be able to make use of the Hitachi magic wand Gee whiz attachment. However, your success rate will vary as will the sort of pleasure you can expect to get from the combination.

The Hitachi unit is much more powerful than most of its competitors, oscillating as fast as 6,000 rpm. Cordless handheld massagers and even many wired ones can begin to compete. You might very well be able to use the love seat with another model, but without the extra stimulation from the Gee Whiz attachment you might be disappointed. The bottom line is that if your stuck decided between the numerous magic wand accessories that are available for sale, the Hitachi magic wand massager Gee Whiz attachment is your best bet!