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The Hitachi magic wand is a powerful, versatile, sleek and intuitive unit that has been on the market for over 30 years.

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Hitachi Magic Wand Massager Attachments

As we mentioned in our Hitachi magic wand review, there are a number of different attachments available for the massager. Sometimes the standard silicone attachment that comes with the Hitachi is not sufficient for personal stimulation. It is soft and flexible albeit not always perfect for different uses. Some people are also repulsed by the two speed settings (5,000 rpm and 6,000 rpm, respectively) that the massager comes standard with. This powerful stimulation is not suited for all. Fortunately, attachments can help not only concentrate stimulation for increased pleasure sensation, but can also reduce the intensity of the massaging effect for those sensitive to the powerful vibrations.

Cheap Hitachi Magic Wand Massager Speed Controller

Best Price for Hitachi Love Seat

The first accessory which we will be looking at is the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager Speed controller. This speed controller was designed to give massager owners more flexibility when it comes to adjusting speed. Even at the lowest setting, 5,000 rpm is a bit too much for some individuals. The magic wand speed controller gives you an endless number of options when it comes to tweaking the intensity of the massager. You simply turn the controller’s knob to the level which you feel most comfortable with, and allow it to work its magic. Installing the speed controller is simple as can be – there is no complicated wiring. All you have to do is connect your magic wand’s power cord into the controller. You then plug your controller into a wall outlet and are set to go! A great thing to note about the speed controller is that it features a six foot cord. Those that have been complaining about the limited cord length which the Hitachi magic wand offers them need to seize on this opportunity. Those that own other devices for personal stimulation will be happy to know that the Hitachi magic wand massager speed controller is compatible with a number of personal stimulation products.

Hitachi Magic Wand Love Cushion

People who already own the Hitachi and have grown tired of holding it in place during stimulation may appreciate the Hitachi love seat. The love seat is a soft cushion that holds the massager in place during use. This gives you the freedom to use your hands while simultaneously using the magic wand. The love cushion is typically sold as part of the premium Hitachi wand system, which features the massager itself alongside the cushion and speed controller. This makes a wonderful gift for an avid Hitachi user.

A number of other kits that feature the Hitachi magic wand come with straight and curved attachments (as opposed to the round one which comes standard with the massagers). Many magic wand owners prefer these attachments as they concentrate the massaging effect on more pleasurable areas. As one might imagine, opinions vary.

It is evident that there is a plethora of Hitachi magic wand massager attachments available for the taking. Since not one attachment fits all, it might befit you to experiment. You can readily find most attachments online, alongside reviews of those who have tried them. This should give you a solid idea as to whether or not the accessory is a good fit for you.

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