Vibratex G-Spot and Straight Personal Massager Attachments

Although the Hitachi magic wand personal massager was introduced some thirty years ago, it continues to outpace the competition as the most versatile and powerful massaging device on the market. One of the reasons for its immense popularity has been the strong presence of aftermarket accessories for the product. Online retailer sells various accessory bundle packs, and one of our favorite happens to be the g-spot and straight personal massager attachment pack.

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These are two high quality personal stimulation products that are can be directly installed over your Hitachi magic wand silicone head for hours worth of enjoyment. The g-spot attachment has a curved design that allows for both penetration and stimulation of the g-spot. It can help concentrate the vibrating power of the device into all those key areas for maximum pleasure. The straight attachment may not provide the extra stimulation, but it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a no-frills penetration device.

Both of these attachments are made of high quality vinyl, which allows for easy cleanup and minimizes any chances for an adverse allergic reaction. While vinyl might not be as flexible or soft as silicone, its extra rigidity helps improve the transfer of motion from the head of the massager to where it counts. However, these attachments are hollowed out to provide just the right amount of flexibility for comfortable use of the product.

Many users have been incredibly impressed with how well both attachments grip onto the massager. These are the markings of a high quality product that will outlast even the most excessive of use. Most reviewers agree that the Hitachi magic wand G-Spot and Straight Personal Massager Attachments significantly enhance the performance of the device as far as intimate stimulation goes and since this combo pack is available thru Amazon, you can also pick up your cheap magic wand and the same time.

Don’t forget that you can pair your massager with other accessories if you find the internal stimulation much too strong. We’ve reviewed the Hitachi magic wand speed controller on this site in depth and can say that it is well worth the investment considering how much control it gives you over the intensity of the device. It is a plug-and-play device that gives you control from a speed knob. Furthermore, you can also check out the magic wand loveseat that allows you to sit back and let the massager do all the work for you.