Where to Buy Hitachi Magic Wand Loveseat

The Hitachi magic wand loveseat is a highly sought after accessory for the Hitachi magic wand. This attachment is designed to enhance the performance of the massager in cases where intimate use is desired. The loveseat essentially acts as both a holder for the massager as well as a seating cushion for whomever may be using the device at a given time.


The loveseat itself comes in a sleek black color with an angled hole in the middle. This hole readily accommodates your massager and allows its power cord to run out the back end. This allows for intimate stimulation without getting cords in the way and whatnot.

The cheap Hitachi magic wand loveseat is constructed from hypoallergenic foam. This essentially means that there is very little likelihood it will cause any sort of allergic reaction. According to the manufacturer, the loveseat can be simply tossed into the washing machine the moment it gets dirty. Be careful not to take the entire unit for a ride in the washing machine. Only the zippered cover it intended for washing!

There are some things to keep in mind about this accessory that the generic product descriptions on most websites won’t tell you. For one, although it is marketed for use exclusively with the Hitachi magic wand, most people have reported success using it with other and massagers like the Acuvibe units. This makes for a fully portable personal stimulation workstation that you can take about with you anywhere. It can be used as a complete alternative to other expensive personal stimulation machines that can cost thousands of dollars.

The loveseat is designed in such a way that it won’t obstruct any of the attachments you may put on your massager. You may choose to use the G spotter accessory, for instance, for that extra bit of stimulation. Although those who have invested in the product have commented that it can be a little expensive, once most have taken it for a spin they begin to understand the moderate price tag.

The cheap Hitachi magic wand loveseat is fully constructed of foam, so don’t expect to encounter any rigid materials that can leave you feeling uncomfortable while sitting on the cushion. It’s a safe assumption to your local stores probably won’t stock this product. However, you can find it from reputable online vendors like Amazon that offer perks like free shipping and concise reviews from past customers. You would be hardpressed to find any negative sentiments floating online about the Hitachi magic wand loveseat, so if you have the opportunity don’t hesitate to buy it!